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Reset your skins ageing clock with LED


It is very easy to think LED doesn’t do much (I am guilty of it myself). The results aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye because all the goodness is happening in and under the skin. During the recent pause, I did some extra training and IT BLEW MY MIND…. AGAIN!!

I had totally forgotten just what this baby can do……In all fairness, there is no downtime or pain (so it really is easy to think it’s not doing anything).

How does it work? 
LED-LLLT stands for Light Emitting Diode – Low-Level Light Therapy. (We call it phototherapy). The low-level light delivers the correct wavelength directly to the cells in our skin, muscle and all the way down to the bone. The energy from the light boosts the level of cellular energy which activates each cell. Think, filling your car up with fuel when it’s empty or eating when you are really hungry.

So….what does that even mean, what does an activated cell do?
– If there are any damaged or compromised cells they are repaired
– Any functional cells will do their job faster and better
– Cells will increase in number and recruit more cells in to share the load

What does it do for ageing?
Promotes collagen production which minimises wrinkles.

What does it do for wound healing?
It unlocks the power of our wound healing cells, reducing…pain, redness, bruising, swelling, pre-op prep, post-op scarring, inflammation and burns.

What else does it do?
– It boosts immunity and builds strength assisting with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, scleroderma and rosacea.
– It controls both bacterial and viral infections.
– Another awesome benefit is that it is systemic….Even though we are treating one area at a time the blood that is passing through picks up these cells and carries them throughout the body.

LED can either compliment your in-clinic treatment or can be done as a stand-alone mini treatment. All treatments will get the best results with the appropriate home care for your skin. A minimum of two (and no more than three for extreme conditions) treatments a week is recommended for best results.

PS Not all LED’s are created equal. The home ones are ok but they are nowhere near as powerful and potentially not even the correct wavelength. Even the ones in clinics vary in their wavelengths power and efficacy. 

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