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How do you boost your nutrient intake?⁣


4 out of 5 Australians are not getting enough fruit and vegetables in their diet. This may impact vitality, energy, gut, hormones, wound healing and general health and well-being. A great way to boost your nutrient intake is to include more fresh foods in your diet from the very beginning of your day. Start with a smoothie bowl and 2 teaspoons of #infinity powder.

Supporting the health and function of your liver to effectively eliminate waste may help to bring back that twinkle. Taking 2 teaspoons of Vita-sol Purity powder daily will help to support a healthy liver and gut. Add it to smoothies, or mix into water for the ultimate green goodness shot.⠀

Want to incorporate more greens into your diet but don’t want to compromise on taste? Try  mint choc-chip smoothie ? ? ⠀

Ingredients (serves 2)⠀
?Purity Wholefood Powder 4 tsp ⠀
?Frozen bananas 1½ ⠀
?Fresh mint leaves ½ bunch ⠀
?Cacao nibs 1 tbsp ⠀
?Coconut water ½ cup ⠀
?Avocado ¼ ⠀
?Vanilla/chocolate protein powder (opt.) 30 g⠀
?Add all the ingredients apart from the cacao nibs into a high-speed blender, blitzing until smooth and thick. You can use the stems of the mint here too – throw it all in.⠀
? Add the cacao nibs and quickly pulse to break down.⠀
?Serve immediately.⠀

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